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When Life Gives You lemon Treat Them With Tequila

Life is full of ups and down, Very little is needed to make a happy life. Here are few points which are the treat to your life with a tequila flavor:
1. Don't Compare:        A comparison is the most important ingredient of happy life. It's not like that comparison is always going to be negative but it depends on you whether compare it with positives or negatives. Yes, Comparison is a natural behavior but what we need to stop doing it with things which are not for you and just take it in a positive and intellectual way.

2. Acceptance:       Life is not going to smooth as silk. It is full of changes; changes at each and every moment. Changes may be economical, physical, emotional but to accept them and move on is the secret of a good tequila shot of life.

3. Attachments:       There are many things which you got attached so much and then afraid to loose them. So This is one of the most bitter things which actually happens with everyone. So try to get less attached to anything trust m…