Live Your Life Like It Is An Art

What is Life? 
Do You Know the right way to live your life?
No, We are living in a world where everything is mortal, but we are running after the mortal things of knowing that it will finish a day, We trying to find ultimate peace and happiness in them.But Life is an Art, You can draw, sketch or build it in whatever way you want.You are the only one who can paint a portrait your dream on the canvas of life.
What to, do you think of the Ultimate goal of life? Well, for me, it's happiness.Think, If you have lots of money, a luxury decorated bungalow, a well-maintained car, but still you do not have inner happiness. What will you make of all these? Sometimes, we face lots of struggles and sorrows which demotivates ultimately leads to depression.

I am gonna share some amazing points to help you live life in an artistic way:

1. Accept The Challenges:  

" The key to life is accepting challenges. Once Someone has stopped doing this. He is dead." ~ Bette Davis.
 Life is full of challenges, never ever get afraid of them. Life continually throws challenges back to back, but we are only one who can face it. Trust your life situations at a soul level, is being created purposefully for your growth and learning. Turn your life challenges into the gift. What do you do with the gift you receive? Acknowledge It. Look into it what value it gives to your life. Ask yourself how your life situation can be your best opportunity. Accepting the challenges is the best way to find yourself because these are the situations which help you to bring out the real you and reveals your actual strengths and weakness. So, See these life challenges as a great opportunity to achieve something in your life.

2. Spend On The Things You Love:

It's Okay to spend some on the stuff you love. Usually, We "Enslaved" by our money. Because of this enslavement, we forgot the money is just a tool for us to use in whatever way we want.
Enjoy your money without guilty. Yes, It is easy to say, but not difficult to do as well. We earn money to live life smoothly by fulfilling our needs, but unknowingly we made it our prestige point and slowly Life depends on money. It empowers you, which causes unhappiness. Spend in a limit on things you love.

3. Laugh Out Loud: 

" Laughing is the best medicine", We all Know it perfectly, but forget to follow it. In today's hustle-bustle life, the stress level is very high. Due to increasing, lifestyle, people get frustrated in showing off. We forgot to live a peaceful life, people running behind materialistic things even when they got it, it does not give any happiness.
In this busy life, don't forget to laugh. Laughing has many health benefits. It helps to relax the body, boost the immune system, triggers the release of endorphins (a body chemical which causes to feel good),  It protects the heart, burn calories and so many endless benefits.
Now, I don't think you have any excuse not to laugh. We get only one life don't be sad, Just Smile 😀

4. Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow: 

Any Body Can Dance. No matter what you are a good dancer or not. You should like there is no tomorrow as it is the best exercise for body and also helps to boost up the mood. So, put on the music and start the dance. Trust me it will help to feel you better as well as people around you also enjoy.

5. Trust Your Instincts: 

The Feeling you get about a person or anything in the first 10 seconds expresses an "ancient biological wisdom" says Mayer in his book Intuition: Its Power and Perils. 
Always trust your first gut instinct, If you genuinely feel in your heart and soul, that something is wrong, it usually is. You always have permission to walk away from anything that doesn't feel right. Listen to your inner voice, it's trying to protect you. Always trust yourself.

6. Don't Be A People Pleaser: 

It's great to know that you made an impact in someone's life, but there is a difference between being a kind person and a people pleaser. Stop admiring people blindly, Start saying 'No' when necessary, Stop saying 'sorry' unnecessarily. Say what you feel not other people want you to say. Stop wanting to be loved by everyone, it is not possible that each and every person you want to love you and it should not matter.  

7. Make A Schedule For Yourself: 

Always make time for yourself. Yes, I know you don't have time to sit blankly or meet with your old friends and doing stuff you like. But, you should start doing it so. To have "Me time" is important for the body as well as mental health. All day long we packed up with so many people and work to relieve mind make some plans for your "Me Time" and do whatever you want to do.

Well, there are endless things which can make life awesome. It's all in your hand, how you live your life. Get ready and learn "Art of living" and portrait a beautiful life for yourself.


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