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How To Stay Fit And Active In A Fun Way

Hmmm!! Again planning for getting fit and stay active? But, these cooked excuses of being busy in the office, taking care of children and blah blah blah!!!! will not ever let you fit and active.

Ya! I know you have read so many times about how to stay fit, how to maintain health and whatever. But have you ever think to stay fit and active in a fun way? Perhaps, you thought but does not know how to do. If we ever talk about staying healthy only two options come to our mind; Either running or dieting. Can't we stay fit in other ways? More important in fun way. 
Don't Set Alarm For Morning: Yaa!! Strange, without alarm how can anyone wake up early? Let, make a bet that you cannot wake up by yourself. And do whatever effort to wake up early in morning. In this way, you will start to wake up early and have fun in a different way. After waking up, do some light stretches in the bed which help to let your body wake completely. 
Make Some Difference In Daily Morning Routine After wak…

10 Simple Habits To Prevent Cancer

"Cancer" this word is a synonym of "Death". Whenever we hear this word a thrill of fear passed through our spine. If anybody caught with this deadly disease, he or she thinks It's going to end of life. But I want you to know that Cancer doesn't develop Overnight. It is a result of your unusual Lifestyle. That is if you have a healthy lifestyle. "As many as 70% of known causes of cancer are avoidable and related to lifestyle", says Thomas A. Seller PhD, associate director for cancer prevention.

Avoidance of diet, exercise and regular consumption of Alcohol, tobacco boost the speed of multiplying of cancer cells.
So take your control today on +World Cancer Day, February 4 and decide right now that you start taking care of yourself and your family.

Adopt this simple habit to prevent cancer today:

Maintain A Healthy Weight
Keep a regular eye on your weight numbers, to maintain proper weight is must because as we all know overweight people can never b…

33 Life Lessons Gives Treat To Life.

Life is very fickle. you never know what's gonna happen tomorrow?
We go through many ups and downs in life. In our whole life span, We make some beliefs, ideologies, thoughts but even being intellectual we made several silly mistakes which make you feel bad.

I am going to share 50 Life Lessons which helps you to understand the minute side of Life.

1. Never Regret the things you have done. Everything happens for some reason, when you look back calmly you will understand.

2. Life always gives second chance. It is a Myth big opportunities never come back. It's all are in our mind.

3. Have faith in god even in your worst time. He plans something best for you. Just need the vision to see it.

4. If you don't ask, you don't get.

5. Life is not in past or in future. Whatever you have is right now. You don't know what is coming in next 10 minutes. Enjoy the surprises.

6. No one is born lucky. Watch out the biographies of famous people, you will come to know how people chan…