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10 Ways To Simplify Your Life.

"Simplifying" Is it possible? It sounds superb to hear, but can it be? Our life goes hectic. Lots of commitments, aspirations, work to do, lots of things make our life tedious. But still, we want to achieve what we desire. Life gets entangled in this fortune.
Two years ago, When my Post graduate course was in the last stage, I wandered because I was constantly engaged in making a career which led to some wrong decision.
But by time, I've figured out life is little complicated but not that much. If you really want to make it easy you can do it.

I have got a few tips up my sleeve that is going to make your life simple.

1. Slow Down: Don't run behind every daily job. Just relax, do listings of your daily task as these are the hurdles in our life goals. Set your monthly goals rather than year goals, I used to set 1 to 3-month goals, as it benefits me to stop rushing. And help me to complete all my task on time and peacefully.
2. Keep yourself hydrated: Maybe it seems li…

Phillauri Movie Reviews On Twitter.

Phillauri is Anushka Sharma's second film. Anushka Sharma herself plays a lead in the film as Ghost. As her character already made curiosity among the audience.  Movie previews were superb now let see how actually it is, from Anushka's fans.
Cast: Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma, Mehrene Kaur Pirzada.
Director: Anshai Lal.
Release: 24 March 2017
Duration: 2hrs 14 min
Let's Watch people on twitter saying about Phillauri:

Wow, He loved the movie. Also gave a rating of 3.5 out of 5.  Hmm, Anushka is doing rock in the theaters. 

One more:

I am Sure, Phillauri will enter a golden 100 crore club.
Wow! Awesome.

One and only By Alia Bhatt:

Who don't like Anushka says.
Omg! Really..

And here from Dia Mirza!

See, What Bollywood critic says.

One More..

Ohh... How anyone can forget KRK...
See What he is tweeting!!

No Comments!! You decide what you want to do. 😜

Phillauri is released today. People starts enjoying the movie. They giving feedback on twitter. Go and wat…

Stay Positive When Everything Is Going Wrong.

Sometimes, we all went through the time when everything seems wrong, no matter how difficult is. Where there is nothing but problem after problem. As it seems like there is nothing left in life.

One year ago, I was going through this phase. Suddenly, for some reason, I quit the job. My well-going relationship failed. I was crestfallen. Not getting a satisfactory source of earning.
Still, I managed to keep myself calm and composed. Because exasperation leads to nothing.
It only makes you down and down and down. Wait for the right time. Everything will fall into place, be patient.  Problems and heartaches are inevitable. These all come to you just to improve yourself. It transforms you into the better person, it's all up to you how will you use this "Opportunity".  Yeah!! Surprised??? It is an Opportunity.
Yeah!! You may be heard over and over again how it is important to stay positive, think positive and only engage in a positive activity. But being positive is not an ea…

How To Get Rid Of Pimples?

One day I woke up in the morning and a door bell ring. I went and open the door. Do you know, Who was there?
My father's aunt!! Ya!! Now you will ask, What's the problem?  Let me ask you, do you like people who stick to you, give you free advice and you always try that they stay away from you. But that person suddenly came to your home to live with you for 'n' number of days and you'll be like wtf???????
It Will Irritate you, Right!!
Similarly, These Pimples are like those "Unwelcomed Guest". One day you woke up and lot's of them you find on a face.
And these bloody Pimples always appear, Especially when I have to go for the party or on a Date.
But Don't Worry, Here I am gonna share some tips to get rid of these Monsters:

1.Keep Clean and Untouched Your Face: 

Our hand is continuously in contact with different things whole day. Unknowingly, we used to touch face. All the dirt and germs residing in our hand, transfer to the face. The Sk…

Break Up! Beginning Of New Life.

Being in Love is World’s best feeling ever. Every couple wants to create a beautiful love story for themselves.
Both create fantasies and imagine future like a beautiful dream. Especially, when they are in the initial phase of a relationship. But, Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough. Only few love stories get successful.
When two people fall in love, they only see good things in each other. Every flaw and the bad habit is accepted and why not after all you guys are in "Love".
A Relationship is all about "Understanding" and "Adjustment" or can say "Compromise". If couple follows these rules then a relationship is highly successful. A good compatibility between a couple is very important to keep a relationship long lasting. But, nowadays priorities of people highly change with today's lifestyle.  This Social Media generation is so quick in making and breaking relations. But somehow, the feeling does not change with the modernization o…

10 Ways To Focus On Self Care

"There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of myself." - Brian Andreas
Have you generally forget to take care of yourself?
Well Yes! I Understand It happens due to a tight schedule. The whole week passes in office work and weekends and holidays goes in household chores. If you get a little time by chance, then laziness do not allow you. 
When we forgot to take care of ourselves, we often find ourselves exhausted, irritable and it becomes hard for us to be there for the people we love.
It's very important to do self-care to continue work in an efficient way. Because taking care of yourself helps in work brain smoothly.
So, If you want to achieve better results in whatever you are doing. Start self - care from today.

Here are some Self-Care tips to help you:
1. Read a New book:  Reading book can be very rejuvenating for the mind. Put your mobiles and laptop aside for some time. Get a book and…

25 Inspirational Quotes To Feel Alive Again.

Image Created by Treat To Life
Sometimes in the journey of life, we feel stuck. We lose hope about nothing going to happen in your favor. Just Struggling!!!!
When you are feeling low there are some things with the power which make you feel uplifted.

Here are some +Inspirational Quotes which make you feel alive again.

1. Choose faith. Dare to believe. When you believe, you tap into the most powerful force in the universe.

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2. Let go of the people who dull your shine, poison your spirit, and bring you drama. Cancel your subscriptions to their issues.

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3. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. - Arthur Ashe

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4. Dream big and dare to fail.

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5. Optimism is the only quality more associated with success and happiness than any other. +Brian Tracy

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6. Some Suffering can be a good lesson of Life.

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7. Trust…