10 Ways To Focus On Self Care

"There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of myself." - Brian Andreas

Have you generally forget to take care of yourself?

Well Yes! I Understand It happens due to a tight schedule. The whole week passes in office work and weekends and holidays goes in household chores. If you get a little time by chance, then laziness do not allow you. 

When we forgot to take care of ourselves, we often find ourselves exhausted, irritable and it becomes hard for us to be there for the people we love.

It's very important to do self-care to continue work in an efficient way. Because taking care of yourself helps in work brain smoothly.
So, If you want to achieve better results in whatever you are doing. Start self - care from today.

Here are some Self-Care tips to help you:

1. Read a New book: 

Reading book can be very rejuvenating for the mind. Put your mobiles and laptop aside for some time. Get a book and read it. It will help to increase your mental strength and mind get new things to absorb.  

2. Burn Your Favorite Scented Candle:

When you are tired or tense, a scented candle act as medicine to boost up your mood. Yeah! You here right. If you want to relax your partner too and want a romantic session, you can use this idea. A soothing fragrance is very good for the mind. I relax your all nerves.

You can buy these candles from here:

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These are my favorite.

3. Take a Walk:

We all know walking is highly beneficial for the body. It is best cardio exercise. Go for every morning or evening to the nearest park. It really helps in building your body well and also relax the tired mind.

4. Take a long hot bath:

Hmm!!! Now, everyone knows this we don't do. Ya!!! Laziness... But a long hot bath is an awesome experience when you feel extremely fatigued or tired. Also, it is good for skin.

5. Listen to your favorite music album: 

Music is like therapy to boost up. Whenever you feel low tune into your favorite radio channel or listen to music from your playlist. It quickly rises you up.

6. Take a cleaning session Of Home:

Home sweet Home. Well Home will be sweet, if you take care about it. In hustle bustle life, we hire maids for regulare household chores. If you doing it by yourself then you are not able to pay full attention to your sweet home. Make a time for you and clean whole house. Whoever don't want to live in a clean house.So, stare self care from today.

7. When waking up in the morning; do 3 to 5 things before going to social media:

If facebook is the first thing you see every morning after waking up, are you doing real living? I am sure not. Well I am also a social media addict, but it's good to prioritize the real world.

8. Move:

When people says about exercise, Ya Ya I know you heared about it several times, but it is an Ultimate truth, Actually doing exercise helps increasing feeling of happiness. That doen't mean you go and hit the gym or indulge in physical activity. Go for dancing or outdoor gamesor bike ride anything which let your body move.

9. Create Something:

Don't sit idle. Always keen to create something whether delicious brownies or cakes or your favorite dish in a new creative way. Build some show piece things to decorate your house. Whatever you love to do, just do. Our mind need to feed things which it like.

10. Build a Self Care Kit: 

Fill a pretty basket with something you love, which make you feel special. It could be your favorite nail polish, treasured photos, pair of socks etc.

By being your best is the best self care. You are able to share beautiful things with those around you.
Just be yourself!

Take Care!!


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