Stay Positive When Everything Is Going Wrong.

Sometimes, we all went through the time when everything seems wrong, no matter how difficult is. Where there is nothing but problem after problem. As it seems like there is nothing left in life.

One year ago, I was going through this phase. Suddenly, for some reason, I quit the job. My well-going relationship failed. I was crestfallen. Not getting a satisfactory source of earning.
Still, I managed to keep myself calm and composed. Because exasperation leads to nothing.

It only makes you down and down and down. Wait for the right time. Everything will fall into place, be patient. 
Problems and heartaches are inevitable. These all come to you just to improve yourself. It transforms you into the better person, it's all up to you how will you use this "Opportunity". 
Yeah!! Surprised??? It is an Opportunity.
You may be heard over and over again how it is important to stay positive, think positive and only engage in a positive activity. But being positive is not an easy task. When entering the office negative coworkers complaining about the boss. Turn on the TV first thing you usually see is something negative. Come what may, Negativity does not leave your pitch.
The Worst thing is, it happens more when everything going wrong.
The only thing you should at this time is "Be Patient". Be easy on the life right now.


  • Practice Non-Attachment: 

Not everyone will be the way, what they should be. Actually, want them as you like. They will not act like that you think should be. Have some faith in yourself and God. Keep some room in your heart for miracles, but always try not to be attached. If your happiness depends on someone else, then wake up you are in trouble. Remember it, if something is not happening as you want, then it is not the end of the world. Believe that you are a strong person, nothing can influence. Stop taking things so personally. Detach yourself from tangible as well non-tangible things. Store it in your Subconscious mind that "Nothing is Permanent".

  • Don't wait for happiness, Just Be Happy:

Happiness is not the absence of problems. It is a choice. Yes! You have a choice to be happy. Nobody will punish you. Time passes whether live it fully or not. We have to make it count. 
Be grateful for every moment you are living. Maybe what you have, for others it is a dream. So, Enjoy it. 

  • Don't Worry:

Worrying and complaining changes nothing. Those who continuously weeping about their worries, never accomplish in life. So that, Keep trying to attempt something great. If you fail, remember It's not over. It is a part of life's game. If you immensely believe something, do not afraid to try it.

  • Forget The Past:
Nothing will get to remember the past. Whatever problems you faced in the past remember it because it will make you realize that you overcome from that difficulty too. You will get the confidence to fight with existing problems. 

  • Every little struggle is a step forward:

Keep Calm and Be Patient. Patience is not about waiting. It is the ability to keep a good attitude towards work. Don't think about the results of whatever you are doing, just keep working. No matter what how hard it is. If you are going wrong, figure out what are you doing and how can you successfully. Make plans, of whatever you are doing. 

"Failures are the opportunity to know your real mistakes". Take it in a positive way.

  • Keep reading inspirational stuff:

Make a free time to read inspirational articles and watch inspirational videos available on YouTube.
I Used to watch motivational video on YouTube. It really helps to boost up your confidence. Everyone goes through rough patches, but see how they make it. It will be worth in the end. 

  • Time heals everything:

Whatever time you are going through. One thing always keeps in mind that "Time" is the biggest factor. The best property of time, is It "Change". So, this time will certainly change. Everything is temporary, it's just a matter of time.


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